The Risk Project

The Risk Project, LLC was founded in 2013 by Gary S. Lynch, a proven industry risk management executive and expert.

We analyze and measures disruption risk and its impact on customer expectations, profitability, product security, and 3rd party relationships.  The context of our work includes the entire value or product life cycle and all related supply chain activities.

We design and leverage proprietary tools and frameworks to measure, prioritize and visualize risk activities such as the allocation of risk investments, impact of risk to performance trade-offs, “what if” volatility scenarios, and the capability to detect, respond, and adapt to disruptive events.

We provide market, customer and industry risk advisory services for solution providers.

What People Say

“Every global company faces risks from all sides: competition, earthquakes, pandemics, or the practices of suppliers far down their value chain. Gary Lynch knows how hundreds of companies handle-or mishandle-risks, and he explains how the best of them find opportunities in the risks they face.”

Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State

“Although many corporate boards and mangers understand that success means accepting risk, they believe they have dealt with the problem by mathematical models. They are dangerously wrong. In a globalized, just-in-time, world of cascading technological change, terrorism, and sophisticated crime, a setback can metastasize into a catastrophe. Gary Lynch, a real risk management pro, brilliantly spells out in specific cases why this is so, and how we can begin to cope with this new world of risk on steroids.”

R. James Woolsey, former Director of Central Intelligence

I’ve known Gary for more than 25 years, first as a colleague at Gartner then along his journey at Booz Allen and Marsh. Gary has a unique perspective – both deep industry visionary and practical get-it-done strategist. I have only the highest of regards for Gary’s professionalism, and his ability to guide clients in a thoughtful bottom-line manner.

Bill McNee, Industry Analyst and Senior Research Leader. Former Group VP and Research Fellow, Gartner Group

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