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Keeping Shipping Afloat

250,000+ workers stranded at sea

250,000 seafarers are stuck at sea at increasing risk of physical and mental exhaustion. The numbers are staggering and growing. Here’s a brief rundown of the exposure.

Supply Chain Risk Grows as Weary Crews Halt Ships and Clog Ports. CLICK HERE =>. Bloomberg

The Global Supply Chain’s Stranded Workers, by the Numbers

The pandemic has left merchant sailors stuck at sea for months longer than they anticipated. CLICK HERE => Marker

BLOG - Risk For Competitive Advantage Supply Chain Risk

MANAGING RISK: Diversifying the Supply Chain (or hedging against political risk)?

TSMC Plans to Build and Operate an Advanced Semiconductor Fab in Arizona (U.S.)

Are organizations starting to reduce geopolitical exposure by diversifying their supply chains? The TSMC announcement to build and operate a semiconductor facility in Arizona represents not only a multi-billion dollar investment but also potentially an enormous reduction in risk. The majority of TSMC fabs are located in a few small regions in Taiwan. These multi-billion fabs currently face significant earthquake and typhoon risk. However, political and pandemic exposure has been exponentially increasing in the region, and organizations are being forced to rethink their supply chain strategy and design. Businesses in Hong Kong face a similar growing threat as well (note: much of the system level testing occurs before being shipped to mainland China for assembly). Will businesses in these regions be the first to reconfigure their global supply chains with risk and performance simultaneously optimized? Stay tuned! I expect to see more organizations seek to diversify critical nodes in their supply chains (i.e., despite the headlines, I don’t believe we will see organizations immediately abandon geopolitical hot spots).