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Product Life Cycle Supply Chain Risk Diagnostic

The TRP Product Life Cycle Supply Chain Risk Diagnostic © is a data and analytics driven process to comprehensively assess and measure risk throughout the life of a high-value product supply chain (e.g., high margin product category, blockbuster drug).

The diagnostic contains: (1) a comprehensive mapping of supply chain activities including sub-activities, processes and resources (human capital, digital and physical assets, and third party relationships), (2) a threat analysis, (3) a vulnerability assessment of the supply chain architecture (i.e., inventory, capacity) and risk and performance trade-off analysis, (4) impact quantification and prioritization, and (5) action-oriented recommendations.

Competitive Advantage Strategy Services for Solution Providers

We provide strategic advisory and market facing services to leading solution providers such as PwC, KPMG, Willis Towers Watson, Resilinc, Everbridge, EigenRisk, and several risk management SaaS providers.

Third party and Supply Monitoring Managed Service

We assist with the design, implementation, and management of a Global Partner/Supplier Risk Monitoring capability and system (i.e., competencies, processes, technology). The purpose of the system is to ensure that the clients global partners deliver as expected and contracted, specifically in uncertain times such as an unexpected hazard, weather, trade, criminal, terrorist, and other related events.  We identify events that could interrupt the customer’s product supply chains. We filter, escalate, and communicate essential information with partners and customer management. 

Risk Program Design and Assessment

The Risk Project specializes in the assessment and design of risk management programs including: Business ContinuitySupply Chain ResiliencyThird-Party RiskCrisis ManagementEnterprise Risk ManagementEmergency ManagementDisaster RecoveryCyber Security and Data Security by tackling the executive challenge of bringing greater value to the risk investment and leveraging uncertainty for market advantage.

Case Studies

Striking the Balance: Risk and Performance Optimization

Global manufacturer and distributor of precision engineered personal products.

A “RISK and PERFORMANCE TRADE-OFF” analysis showed that the benefit achieved through inventory diversification far exceeded the carrying costs of a second distribution center and additional inventory. By modeling various levers (e.g. safety stock, repurposing product) the client was able to accelerate recovery from 56 to 17 weeks, resulting in a reduction in revenue exposure of $170 million.

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Continuous Product Life Cycle Risk Analysis and Monitoring

Global pharmaceutical company.

Designed and deployed systems and processes to:

  • Assure patients, providers, suppliers, and distribution partners of drug supply during disruptive times (secure the drug supply chain).
  • Minimize profitability exposure that arise from a disruptive event (e.g., operational impact and expense, market displacement exposure).
  • Expedite resilience activities and limit drug availability exposure that arise from a disruptive event by providing timely, relevant, and accurate resource exposure intelligence (data model).
  • Optimize resilience; risk and performance by analyzing trade-offs (i.e. resilience versus efficiency).
  • Support critical decision making by providing a deeper understanding of uncertainty in the drug supply chain. Convert uncertainty into risk for critical decision making by using data, analytics, methods, and processes.  
  • Enhance critical event management and communications capabilities while raising broader awareness to the implications and consequences of a disruptive event.  Increase awareness to critical event management planning, supply chain risk, event response, crisis communications, and overall resilience.

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“Concerning risk and uncertainty in the business world, Gary Lynch has a fundamental understanding combined with a practical approach that I have not seen anywhere else in the industry. I experienced this when working with him on concrete projects”

 Peter Leibinger, Vice-Chairman of the Managing Board of TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG and head of the Laser Technology/Electronics division, responsible for research and development

“The ability to translate uncertainty into market advantage requires a fundamental re-thinking of how organizations understand, internalize and manage risk. Lynch’s fresh insights and case studies will help all leaders and managers adopt a more dynamic and market-focused framework for dealing with uncertainty. Organizations with true market advantage are be able to embrace and navigate uncertainty at all levels in order to reveal the underlying opportunities.”

 Elaine Dezenski, CEO, LumiRisk, former Senior Director and Head of Risk Initiatives, World Economic Forum

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