Uncertainty Advantage

Navigating Uncertainty, Managing Risk for Competitive Advantage

Gary S. Lynch

To identify and exploit opportunities, uncertainty is a path to value creation and advantage rather than an exercise in risk. What does this mean? Being willing to consider the interests of those defining your market (customers, investors, competitors, strategic partners, regula- tors) and pursuing the business opportunity is the path worth taking. This is the essence of market orientation—a view from the outside in— one that quickly identifies, defines, and converts uncertainty into value. Now and then, we all need to slap ourselves to wake up the creative marketing genius and uncertainty navigation skills of the true leader. This section demonstrates how the trifecta of strategy, uncertainty, and transformational thinking overcomes this challenge, showing how leaders can become more opportunistic when facing uncertainty.

Leverage Uncertainty for Competitive Advantage
  • Section I: Turning Risk Outside In: A Market-Driven Strategy to Uncertainty
    • The Opportunity
    • The Landscape of Uncertainty
    • The Transformation Agenda 
  • Section II: Principles of Execution
    • Focus: The Quest for Market Advantage Should Keep You up at Night
    • Navigation: Manage Risk, Navigate Uncertainty
    • Urgency: Markets Move Fast, but Organizations Do Not
    • Details: The Devil’s in the Details, and This Demands Relentless Pursuit
    • Priority: Growth Trumps Risk